ACT Set for New Gambling Reform Before Year End

Added: August 22, 2018

The Australian Capital Territory’s (ACT) is set to unveil a new gambling reform to address problem gambling in the region. The ACT Attorney-General, Gordon Ramsay, made the announcement in which he aimed to clarify the definition of problem gambling as the current description is considered ambiguous. These proposed amendments are set to be enforced before the end of 2018.

 ACT New Gambling Reform

New Gambling Reform & Training for Club Employees

The government of the ACT had received damning reports on the gambling industry, and they were further intensified by the fact that stricter regulations were being employed in other Australian regions. In an attempt to address the matter, Ramsay has set in motion a dialogue with experts, the community, and other representatives from the gambling industry. He is confident that these amendments will help curb the rise of problem gambling. Gambling reform will tackle provisions intended to clarify the role of employees in gambling establishments including spotting and dealing with problem gamblers. The casino staff and its board members will undergo training, and be on standby whenever a pokies machine is occupied.

Stricter Penalties in Store for ACT

The report also indicated that there would be stricter penalties for gambling establishments that turn a blind eye on problem gamblers. Updates to the self-exclusion process are intended to simplify the process of denying entry to customers who voluntarily excluded themselves from entering gambling establishments. There’s still a long way to go before anything is set in stone, with further consultation with the relevant stakeholders set to commence in September. While we wait for the official verdict, an online gambling site can be the perfect alternative to help you win extra money. Just head over to any of our recommended gambling websites to play and win.

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