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Play Online Baccarat Australia 2018

Online Baccarat is a card game with a rich history that has taken elements from several countries around the world to become the gambling game we have come to know today. The game of baccarat is played between the player and the banker, with the goal of predicting which hand of two will get a higher score, or if the hands will end in a tie. The target for this game of chance online is to get a total value of nine from two or three playing cards. Aussie players enjoy the fact that they get to try out different baccarat strategies when playing baccarat for fun rather than hoping for good fortune. Our baccarat guide comprises of a detailed analysis of the baccarat table game, including baccarat rules for dummies and a section on how to play baccarat and win at top Australian Baccarat casinos.

Baccarat Online Australia

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Online Baccarat Real Money – Play Baccarat for Real Money

Baccarat has been in existence for a long time, making it one of the most popular card games around. Players have been playing real money baccarat games for ages, and the dawn of online casinos in the 1990s gave rise to the game’s online version. Real money online baccarat was born and has been celebrated for its high payouts at the best online gambling sites in Australia. Baccarat online real money games have created multiple avenues to make a living playing baccarat. The different platforms to play baccarat are:

Live Dealer Baccarat Australia

Live dealer baccarat is available for all Australian real money gamblers. Players come face to face with a real-life dealer playing on a real baccarat table. The live baccarat game is streamed live in real-time from a professional studio in a brick-and-mortar casino. The live dealer baccarat is a perfect option for players that prefer baccarat online games without the use of a random number generator. Here, the live dealer deals the cards while AU players can visually see the dealer and interact with them. There will be different option to play real money bets, with several variations of the baccarat game available at the best live dealer baccarat online casinos.

Live Baccarat Online Australia

Real Money Mobile Baccarat Games

Online baccarat games are scaled to fit different mobile devices to allow Aussie players to play for real money on-the-go. Choosing a top mobile casino in Australia that offers baccarat games is now available at a player’s fingertips. Players can buy baccarat online games from the App Store using their smartphone or tablet device. Discover top gambling apps with relative ease by simply browsing through the mobile casino section and win real cash.

How to Play Baccarat Online

Before players can play real money baccarat online, they need to learn how to play baccarat first. In essence, players need to understand that before the cards are dealt, the player places a wager between three options, the Player to win, Banker or on the hands being a Tie. However, if it were that simple the baccarat for dummies guide wouldn’t exist. Check out the step by step baccarat beginner’s guide to teaching new players how to play baccarat and win.


Step 1 – Players will have to select an online baccarat variant of their choice.

Step 2 – Choose the size of the bet: this will be dependent on the minimum and maximum bet prescribed for the game chosen.

Step 3 – Place a wager: you must choose which hand is going to win between the baccarat banker, player, or if the will be a tie.

Step 4 - The dealer will hand two face up cards to the player, and two face up cards to the baccarat banker as well. The player will have to count the total value of the cards and decide on the next move.

Step 5 – Following calculating the total sum of the hand, an option to draw a third card will be presented to the player. This option is only applicable in certain situations. See the baccarat rules section for an expanded explanation.

Best Way to Play Baccarat - Online Blackjack Rules

Top Australian baccarat sites will contain a section of baccarat rules for online gambling novice players. These rules can be applied when you play baccarat for free online games to test various baccarat strategies. Here are some of the baccarat online rules that will ensure a new player becomes a baccarat pro in no time:

  • The object of the baccarat game is to get as close to 9 as possible.
  • If the total value of the player or the banker’s hands exceeds 10, the second digit of the number is used to score the hand.

Following placing bets, the dealer and the player are handed two cards facing up. The total sum of the player’s hand determines whether they will receive a third draw or not. If the player’s score is between:

  • 0 and 5, they can draw a third card.
  • 6 and 7, no option to draw a card.

In the case of the dealer drawing an additional card, the total sum of the player’s hand after they draw the third card will decide whether a third draw is possible. The baccarat banker will only draw if the player’s third card is:

  • Ace, 9, 10, or face card and the total score of the dealer’s hand is between 0 and 3. Meaning that the dealer’s hand stands on a 4-7
  • 8 and the total score of the banker’s hand is between 0 and 2. In this scenario, the dealer’s hand stands on a 3-7.
  • 6 or 7 and the total score of the banker’s hand is between 0 and 6. This means that the dealer’s hand stands on a 7.
  • 4 or 5 and the total score of the banker’s hand is between 0 and 5. In this case, no card will be dealt as the dealer’s hand stands on a 6 and 7.
  • 2 or 3 and the total score of the banker’s hand is between 0 and 4. Meaning that the dealer’s hand stands on a 5-7

Online Baccarat Betting Strategy - Baccarat Odds

When playing the game of baccarat, players need to understand the odds of the game in order to assist them in making an informed bet. The baccarat casino online house edge is comparatively low compared to most casino games, with only a 1.4 percent advantage. While our baccarat strategy does not guarantee that a player will win playing baccarat every time, it ensures that a player knows how to play baccarat the right way.

The online baccarat wagers all carry different house edge percentages which determine the player’s chances of winning. Below are the house advantages players can expect to find at the best online baccarat casinos:

  • Placing a bet on the banker to win has a house edge of 1.06%, which is the lowest advantage to the casino of all the three bets.
  • Betting on the player to have a winning hand has a house edge of 1.24%.
  • The tie bet has the highest house edge, and it has considerably higher payouts than all the other betting options. The tie bet has a house advantage of 14.4%.

Australian Online Baccarat Variations

The baccarat game online has several variations that players can choose from. While the games may differ slightly from one to the other, they also possess similar traits and goal. In all the online baccarat games the goal is to get as close to reaching a score of 9 as possible. The differences in the games relate to the layout of the game, the role of the banker and the player. The best baccarat online casino sites comprise of the following variations of the baccarat game:

Punto Banco

Punto Banco is ultimately the most popular of the baccarat variant in Australia. This casino card game has even made it to the big screen, synonymous with the Hollywood blockbuster James Bond movie. It is played with 8 decks of 52 cards on a baccarat table. Software developers were quick to add their own spin into the baccarat game, with Microgaming creating mini baccarat game for online players.


  • Mini Baccarat: Popular among Asian baccarat casinos, this Punto Banco baccarat variant is played on a smaller baccarat table with lower stakes and lower limits. Leading software developer Microgaming adapted the different variation of online baccarat to create new titles such as High Limit Baccarat. It is played with eight decks of 52 cards on the same mini table.


Chemin de Fer

 Chemin de Fe is the French version of the baccarat game and is played with six decks of cards.

Baccarat Banque

Baccarat Banque also known as à deux tableaux and has similar rules to the French version of the casino table game but slightly changes with regards to the role of the banker.

Baccarat Terminology

Stand: This signifies the decision not to draw a card on your turn in the baccarat game.

Baccarat refers to the point count being equal to zero for either the Player or the banker’s hand.

Face Cards refers to all the cards in the 52 deck that have pictures such as the King, Jack and Queen.

Pass refers to a phrase used to indicate a player’s decision to continue with a game. It is also known as a fold.

Push refers to a bet in which a player chooses to withdraw from a baccarat game round. They will not win or lose for that round. A baccarat casino will keep half or the wager.

Draw refers to the option of taking a new card. It not to be confused with a ‘tie’.

History of Baccarat

There are different accounts of how the game of baccarat originally came to be, depending on who you ask. Several sources suggest that the first recorded siting of baccarat was in Italy round about the 1400s, while others claim that a similar card game existed in Asia. The name baccarat is pronounced as ‘baccarah’ with a silent ‘t’, Italian for ‘zero’. The table card game gained prominence in the 15th century when it was introduced in France, where it took on a different name and rules.

The French version was called Chemin de Fe, played mostly by the French royalty. The gambling game emerged in the 19th century and soon transcended borders and became a global phenomenon, finding a home in brick and mortar casinos in Europe, North and South America. In Cuba, this game of chance took on different elements infused with the local culture. It is referred to as Punto Banco, which became a baccarat variant of the original card game.

Over time, another variant of baccarat emerged that gave players the opportunity to employ skill and strategy more than just rely on luck. Titled Baccarat Banque, the table game has similar rules as in baccarat Chemin de Fer, but they differ with regards to the role of the baccarat banker.