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Playing for Real Money Vs. Free at Online Casinos

Most Australian players sign up at online casinos for real money wagering. They stake their own funds and if they win then the profits are theirs to withdraw and keep. If they lose then they forfeit their money. Thus in real money wagering the profits and losses of gambling both belong to the player.

Australian online casinos also offer free play. In this mode the player can wager with free credits provided by the online casino. Should he lose, he can ask for more free credits. However if he wins then he cannot withdraw the funds. In free play, the player can neither lose nor win any money.

How Real Money Gambling Works

Players have to opt for one of the two modes when they sign up, but can switch from one to the other without any problem. If and when you opt for real money wagering, you have to select the payment option from those provided by the online casino and transfer your funds to the online casino account. Then every bet that you place will be withdrawn from your balance and every time you win your account will be credited. When you want to withdraw funds you can make a request to the online casino. Should your balance be depleted, you will have to make a fresh deposit before you can restart wagering.

Advantages Of Free Play

Free play also works in a similar manner as real money wagering. Except, when your balance is low, you do not have to make a deposit but can ask the online casino for free credits. Also you cannot withdraw any amount from your balance.

However, free play offers several advantages, especially to new players. First, it gives you the comfort of navigating through the online casino and understanding the process of selecting games and wagering on them. It gives you an opportunity of understanding the features of the various games and learning how to play these games without risking your own funds. Once you have acquired the necessary confidence level you can always go back and open a real money account and switch to real money wagering.

If a new game has been released with some novel features that you do not clearly understand, you can always switch back to free play and try out the game without risking any funds. Also, if there is a strategy in your mind that you want to try out, it is best to do so in the free play mode.

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