Sports Betting Australia

Sports Betting combines two of Australian people’s favourite pastime activities, sports and gambling. With the rise of internet betting, sports fanatics can now go a step further than just supporting their favourite team; they can bet on it. Our gambling experts have combined a list of Australian sports that punters down under can bet on. We review top Australian betting sites and explain the online gambling legal status of betting sites in the land down under. Our top picks include new Australian betting sites that offer the best betting odds, secure online bookies and fast payout options.

Sports Bet Casinos in Australia

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Types of Australian Sports Betting

Australia is a country fascinated by its sports programmes, and this culture has spread towards sports betting. Online sports betting Australia took-off like a house on fire to feature some of the most popular sports in Australia. New betting sites have taken a page from the Aussie betting staples like Crown Bet, William Hill and Bet365 online betting corporations to include bets on sporting codes that Australians love. Here’s a list of online betting sites Australia major sports events they cater for.

Horse Racing Betting Online

Horse betting websites have been in business for a long time as the sport entered the online gambling fraternity ages ago. Tracing its origins all the way back to the ancient Roman era, when live betting of chariot racing was the ‘it’ thing. Australian online bookmakers mainly offer two types of horse racing competitions, racing over hurdles or the common flat racing on a racetrack. Betting on the races can be made either on the horse racing tournament in its entirety or on the outcome of a single horse race. The best horse racing betting sites feature the biggest races in Australia such as the Melbourne Cup tournament. This major sports event garners massive international exposure and takes place annually.

best online horse racing betting sites

Golf Sports Betting Australia

There is currently no golfing tournament that creates a buzz like the Australian Open for betting sites Aus. Each year, online bookmakers promote several online betting odds and comparisons of the player’s stats to help punters make informed wagers. These comparisons include betting score of previous tournaments and players with a higher probability of winning.

Tennis Sports Betting Australia

Top online sports betting websites in Australia offers special and attractive welcome bonuses to new customers. Among the highly profiled sports betting options, the Australian market bet on the top picks at annual tennis tournaments like the Australian Open. Sportsbooks provide various betting options on the odds of certain picks winning the tennis tournament and single duels as well.

Australian Football Betting Online

Our recommended bookies provide popular Oz favourites, the A-League and the Socceroos football match live sports betting throughout the entire calendar year. Numerous factors determine the odds of a team winning, with form, league position and the team’s history forming part of the detailed comparison that sportsbooks use.

Sports Betting Australia

Cricket Aus Sports Betting

In the world of sports betting, cricket provides one of the most exhilarating feelings and attractive betting odds as there’s no guarantee that your favourite team will win. The best online betting site Australia offer betting options on the winning team, score prediction, and a player's odds of reaching a certain milestone.

International sports betting

Australian online gambling extends towards betting markets in other countries around the world. International main events that attract the attention of the world are live streamed in Australia, and Aussie punters want in on the action. The most popular American sports and main events of different sporting codes such as The Super Bowl, NFL, UFC, WWE, NHL and NBA Playoffs are part of the bouquet of betting options that bookies offer.

Sports Betting Basics - Understanding Sports Betting Odds

Sports betting Australia statistics from online bookmakers are very helpful and easy to understand. Knowing how to calculate odds in sports betting is the first step to winning big with online sports betting. In Australia, there two types of odds systems used, the American odds and the Decimal format.

  • American Odds Format: In this format, also known as Moneyline, the positive or a negative sign is used to suggest whether the odds are favourable or not. The two signs indicate the amount of real money players need to stake in order to win AU$100. The minus sign is the signal of the favourite winning, while the positive is in favour of the underdogs.
  • How Decimal Odds work is that they are represented by numbers in decimals. The numerical values show the potential return of a bet including the stake.

Now that players are aware of how to place sports bets online, the primary focus becomes how to employ the right strategies when gambling.

Recommended Sports Betting Strategies That Work

Our expert gambling panel understands the unpredictability of sports. In the same breath, they have figured out how sports betting works. The following sports betting tips and strategies are not fail-proof but have been found to result in winnings for Australian players over a period of time.

  • Wagering on absolute results (choosing one team to win) pays better than betting on both teams to win.
  • Increase your potential winnings by including additional odds to the bet. This represents betting on the team to win including predicting the final score. Designated as over/under, your bet on whether the total score will be higher or lower than a certain amount.
  • Above all else, players need to do their background check on the teams, the history and stats all help make an educated bet.
  • Following sports betting trends is risky. This means that it is not always advisable to bet on the team that the majority of punters choose.

More than getting the winning team correct, players must first choose the right casino online. Since this is no easy task, we’ve collected a couple of key factors to consider when choosing your online sports betting site.


Safe & Secure Australian Bookies

The world wide web is full of many safe online bookies, but they are not as easy to find. Our review panel double-checks Australian gambling sites, comparing odds and ensuring that the different sports betting sites are regulated. The safety of Australian punter’s funds and confidential information is very important. We test the deposit and withdrawal options of the betting website, the fees they charge for the services and whether they are secure.

Sports Betting Sites with Signup Bonus

When Australian punters open accounts at any bookmaker sports betting site, they instantly get a welcome bonus after completing the registration process. While most gambling sites in Australia offer sign up bonuses, they differ in size and form. For instance, some gambling sites offer free bets and rebates for players that set up a betting account online.

 Legal Online Betting

The Australian online betting market is a highly regulated gambling sector. The 2001 Interactive Gambling Act dictates the legalities of Australian owned betting agencies as it relates to gambling services in the country. Australian gamblers still have plenty of licensed sportsbooks from abroad that accept wagers from Australian players. Thus, we have selected a list of online betting companies that comply with the jurisdiction regulations in Australia.

Online Sports Betting FAQs

Is it legal to gamble online?

Yes, it is. There are restrictions put in place on the licensing of gambling corporations based in Australia. But, players can gamble from reputable gambling sites licensed from abroad.

Can I get a bonus for sports betting?

Yes, of course. Australian online bookmakers offer a host of bonuses such as the sign-up bonus for new players that join the gambling site.

Which Australia sports can I bet on?

Sports betting agencies offer domestic gambling bets options alongside international sports event. The most popular options are cricket and basketball, while the Australian Rules Football (AFL), the Rugby Union and NRL enjoy live coverage and betting options across the whole country.

Is sports betting rigged?

No, sports betting sites are regulated by third-party governing bodies that ensure that bets are fair and placed on time. There are strict policies regarding times to bets, and eCOGRA regulates all the casinos we recommend.

Can I bet on my mobile?

Yes. Australia has some of the best mobile sports betting that offer several options for betting. Players can download the apps based on the operating system they are using. You can find the best sports betting app android and sports betting apps iPhone at the App Store. Alternatively, you can place bets using the web browser of the gambling site.