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Mega Moolah from Microgaming is the big daddy of all progressive jackpots at Australian online casinos. It has five fantastic pokies networked to the progressive jackpot. The most popular of these is Mega Moolah itself, which has the popular African safari theme. Summertime is a summer themed pokie as its name suggests. Isis will take players back to ancient Egypt where the goddess Isis rules. 5 Reel Drive is for motoring fans who love to travel long distances eating fast food on the way. The Dark Knight is a branded pokie based on the popular Batman movie of the same name.

Mega Moolah is a four tier progressive jackpot. Four progressive jackpots of different amounts run independently. The largest of these is known as Mega and it resets at one million dollars. This means that every time it is hit at an Australian online casino some player becomes a millionaire. The other tiers are known as Major, Minor and Mini.

How Mega Moolah Is Hit

The method of hitting the progressive jackpot is also exciting and unique. In each of the connected online pokies a bonus game can be randomly triggered after any spin. A wheel of fortune type of disk is then displayed on the screen with a fixed pointer next to it. The disk has bands of four different colours. Each colour corresponds to one of the progressive jackpot tiers. The disk is rotated and after spinning it comes to rest. The colour of the band next to the pointer indicates the jackpot tier that has been hit. Once this bonus game is triggered, the player is guaranteed to hit one of the four progressive jackpots. Most of the bands correspond to the Mini jackpot and therefore it is hit most frequently. The Mega jackpot has the least number of bands and therefore it is hit very rarely. The bonus game can be triggered with a wager of any amount. However, larger wagers increase the probability of the bonus game being triggered.

Mega Moolah Statistics

Players at Australian online casinos would like to know some statistics about the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot. This information has been obtained from data of past hits and cannot be taken as a guaranteed projection for the future. The Mega progressive jackpot tier has been hit 11 times in the last 365 days and has paid out over 24 million. The average payout per hit has been 2.2 million and the Mega progressive has been hit on an average about once a month.

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