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Credit Cards

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Credit cards are the most common option used for making online payments and it is no different at Australian online casinos. Therefore most Australian players select credit cards as their payment option. All the Australian online casinos that we recommend accept credit cards from MasterCard and Visa. If you are using any other credit card you will have to check with the customer support at your online casino whether this option is available with them. MasterCard and Visa are global companies who are pioneers in the credit card business. They have an awesome reputation for security, reliability and customer friendliness. These credit cards are highly recommended as payment options at Australian online casinos. One more advantage of this payment option is that you get some credit for wagering. You will be paying the credit card company several weeks after you have actually make deposits and wagered at the online casino.

Deposits Using Credit Cards

The general procedure for making deposits using credit cards would be similar at all Australian online casinos. You will have to go to the cashier of the online casino and select ‘Credit and Debit Cards’ option. Before the first use you would have to register your credit card, following the menu driven process that will appear on the screen. Then you will have to input amount that you want to deposit, select your card from the drop down list, input your CVV2 number and click ‘Deposit’. Your funds would be immediately credited to your online casino account and you will be immediately allowed to wager using them. There is a verification procedure required the first time, but most online casinos will allow you to start wagering immediately. They will not allow you to withdraw funds until the verification procedure is completed. The deposit limits using credit cards would vary slightly from online casino to online casino. A ballpark indication is minimum AU$30 and maximum AU$25,000.

Withdrawals Using Credit Cards

The best part of using credit cards as the payment option at Australian online casinos is that you will be allowed to withdraw your winnings in to your credit card account at most of them. However, it is advisable to check at the online casino website or with customer support before proceeding. You will be required to send copies of certain documents to the online casino before you can make your first withdrawal. Make sure you send them as soon as possible. Withdrawal limits at most Australian online casinos would depend on your VIP status.

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