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Bingo Games Online Australia 2018

Online bingo has fast moved away from simply being a social game into a gambling game in which Australian players can win money online. Styled similarly as the lottery, it is one of the money making games we recommend to players looking for jackpot prizes that payout big. Find out how bingo made it out of community hall and into the digital space in our bingo guide. The game is pretty simple, just like in a bingo hall casino, players will get a bingo card with 75 unmarked numbers separated in a grid format. In order to win, players must get the correct pattern on their card as each number is called. Here’s a list of Australian bingo sites you can play and win money online with.

Bing Online Australia

Safe Bingo Sites in Australia

Play Top Australian Games At Wild Card City

How to Play Bingo Online – Beginner’s Guide to Bingo

Once the go-to gambling game for elderly women, internet bingo games now attracts players across the board. Stuffed with handsome bingo bonuses and jackpots, younger gamblers now play bingo online free win money no deposit games all the time. We’ve found it rather simple to learn how to play to win bingo, and created this guide for players who are unfamiliar with the game.

Aussie bingo games begin with players each having a bingo card with typically 75 numbered blocks. Each column is divided and headed by one letter of the term bingo. The caller proceeds to draw and announce the number to players so that they can scratch them off their real bingo card. Each player will be given a different pattern of numbers that will be needed to create winning combination. Computer bingo games work in the same manner, with the random number generator (RNG) substituting the caller. All the top AU bingo casino online games we recommend generate fair results.

Free Online Bingo Win Real Money No Deposit Required Games

Bingo websites in Australia have mastered the perfect balance of offering new players gambling games for money alongside free casino games with real cash prizes. You can find free online bingo games to play for practice and try different strategies to win. While games like bingo are more reliant on luck  than skill, playing free bingo games can give a player an idea of how long they need to play before they win. New online casino players must first play for fun before they can proceed to bingo online for money.

Bingo on Tablet & Smartphones

Australian mobile phone bingo sites enlist a wide range of bingo game titles form several software developers. Players can choose between playing on the instant bingo flash platform of the game or download the app version. Players can find free online bingo games no download on the net or alternatively download the free bingo apps.

Bing Online Australia

Brief Bingo History for Australian Players

The origins of bingo can be traced back to 16th century Italy. The Italian lottery game known as Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia is widely regarded the mother to the interactive bingo game that was created in 1530. It quickly jumped borders to Britain and then France as the game’s popularity grew. With each country it went to, it picked up elements that have influenced the games development to the bingo online game we play today. The computer bingo games first entered the market in 1996, with Cyberbingo.com being the first recorded internet bingo website. Since then, more casino entries have flooded the market and featured bingo titles for Aussie players to enjoy online cash winning games.

Bingo Australia Terminology

We’ve compiled a list of terms you need to know that are frequently used in bingoaustralia games.

  • Bingo Board – refer to the brick-and-mortar casino board of bingo numbers that displays all the numbers that have been called out already.
  • Dauber – refer to the instrument that players use to indicate the called numbers on their bingo card.
  • Caller – refers to the casino representative that randomly draws and calls out the numbers in a bingo game.
  • Free Space – represents the only blank block on a bingo card without a number.
  • Money Ball – the caller will set a specified number at the beginning of the bingo game that will multiply the player’s win if Bingo is hit on the number.

Online Bingo FAQs

Which bingo sites are the best?

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 AU bingo websites based on the comparison of their sign-up bonus, payout percentage, and bingo games library in ascending order.

  • FairGo Bingo Casino
  • Wild Card City Bingo Casino
  • Playamo Bingo Casino
  • Joe Fortune Bingo Casino
  • Ignition Bingo Casino

What is the game of bingo?

Bingo is a gambling game much like the lottery in which the player must predict the correct combination of numbers on their bingo card. The bingo game host will call out numbers randomly and players will scratch off their card until they get the corresponding numbers on the board correctly.

How do you win at bingo?

In order to win at bingo online, players must follow these simple steps.

  • Pick a bingo variant that has a 5×5 cards with the numbers arrangement as that has better odds.
  • Make sure that you choose a bingo game with a high progressive jackpot prize.
  • Select a bingo card with a good balance of even and odd numbers.

What are the odds of winning at bingo?

Understanding bingo odds is easy, it is based on the bingo variant a player chooses. The basic formula is the number of cards that a player has in play divided by the total number of cards already played.

Can I play bingo for free online?

Yes, of course. Free bingo games are available for players to learn the speed of the game and how to win money online. These games are offered to familiarise new players with game titles so that they can play real money game once they are confident in their chances of winning.