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Best Payout Casinos Online

Online casinos aim to be regarded as the top-rated casino in Australia by virtue of offering the best payout ratio, better than their competition. A payout refers to the amount paid to the player by the online casino when they win while gambling. Casinos online with the highest payout percentage attract the most players to their casinos on a daily basis. To help protect players from duplicitous online casino sites, casinos online are regularly audited for their casino games fairness standards as well as the safety and security of player’s information. Casinos that meet the required standards are published on reputable online casino auditing agencies websites such as eCOGRA. The best payout casinos are listed on the site as it guarantees that the casino is legitimate. Here’s an overview of what to look at when searching for the best payout casino in Australia.

Best Payout Australian Casinos Online

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Introduction to Casino Payout Percentage?

The best payout online casinos are rated on a percentage basis. A payout percentage refers to a comparison between the amount of real money players win and the total value used while betting by players at the casinos. This payout percentage is calculated for all the casino games played at the online casino. It is used to attract players to certain games as it represents the likelihood of players winning while gambling a specific casino game.

What a Payout Percentage represents

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Top online casinos appreciate the fact that the payout percentage represents how much of the bets placed at the online casino are paid out to players. Therefore, the higher the payout percentage on casino games, the more players will be likely to sign up to the online casino. While having a high payout percentage at online casinos may appear to be positive for the casino, it means that they have a small house edge. This is because high payout percentage places the odds in favour of the player, meaning the casino hold becomes relatively less.  Consequently, online gamblers have a better chance of winning over a period of time playing casino games such as online pokies and blackjack with high payout percentages.

How the Best Payout Online Casinos Are?

Most reputable online casinos with the best payout percentages are licensed by well-known third-party governing bodies. These verified third-party authorities regularly audit online casino games and safety standards of online casinos. The auditing process is handled by independent online gambling experts, assessing the fairness of casino games and whether the safety regulations that relate to player’s information is upheld. Auditing agencies check online casino records to ensure that the figures are accurate and rate them with regards to their payout percentage. Thus, it is vital that online players check whether the payout percentages published at their selected casino have been audited.

Top Casino Online Auditing Agencies

The agencies that are tasked with auditing casinos online have been providing these services for a long time. They have curated long-standing relationships with gambling authorities that respect their findings and seemingly, their endorsement is considered trustworthy. Here’s a list of some of the most reputable online casino auditing agencies that assess best payout casino online.

  • eCOGRA: Established in 2003, the acronym stands for eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. Online casinos that are affiliated with eCogra have the authority’s logo in the footer of their casino site.
  • TST: Technical Systems Testing is a Canadian gambling auditing agency founded in 1993. It is internationally renowned as an Accredited Testing Facility for gambling services.
  • iTech Labs: iTech Labs is an independent auditing firm located in Australia. Over 50 years of ensuring that casino games are operating fairly and providing certification for casinos that meet the standards they set.
  • GLI: With nearly 30 years in the online casinos games auditing profession, it calculates payout percentages of online casinos and tests random number generators if they are rigged.
  • Gaming Associates: GA certifies online gambling services as safe and secure. Since its introduction in 1990, it has been responsible for testing and monitoring online casino games.
  • NMi: Along with years of experience in checking online casinos for their fairness in casino games provision, NMi is regarded as a trusted gaming auditing authority.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Payout Casino

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Best online payout casinos maintain that status by staying on top of certain gambling activities. While great online gaming specs, state-of-the-art graphics and bonuses may attract many online players, security and payout percentage ratio remain very important. As playing at best-paying casino online represents a higher average return to a player, gamblers will likely choose casinos with highest slot payouts. Finding the titles for top payout online slots games can be difficult for a new online player.

The best online casino payouts Australia list casino games in different headings like Most Played Games or Hot Games. These casino games represent games with the best payout at a casino. Online best payout casinos also publish lists that include the titles of the casino games and the players that have won the largest jackpots.

Online players have typically been sceptical of the high payout percentage that top online casinos have compared to land-based casinos. Land-based casinos have more expenses that relate to maintenance of slot machines, tables, staff, security with rates and taxes to think about. Online casinos have fewer expenses, which means that they can offer better odds for online players. Online gamblers, however, should always ensure that they play at recommended best online casinos that payout big, as they are regularly tested and audited by reputable independent authorities.

Best Payout Casino Online FAQ

How fast do online casinos payout?

Top online casinos are swift with their payouts, depending on the online player’s chosen payment method. eWallet payments typically take 24 hours. Some casinos that require additional information from the player may take longer. With receipt of supporting documents, it should take 1-3 days to process the payment.

What is the difference between payouts in online and land-based casinos?

Payouts at land-based casinos are relatively low compared to their online casino counterpart. This is because online casinos have fewer expenses to pay, while land-based casinos deal with physical expenses like rent and water bills, slot machine maintenance etc.

What is a House Edge?

A house edge reflects the advantage that the casino has over a player. This represents the probability that the casino will likely retain the player's money after playing over a period of time.

What is a Return To Player (RTP) percentage?

A return to player percentage describes the ratio of money used to bet on casino games and the money that a gambler will get back over a period of time.

Which online casino games have the best payout in Australia?

Most casino games online have high payout percentages, but table games tend to have higher payout percentages than online pokies. As online slot games remain the most loved online casino games in Australia, it is understandable why it would have the highest payout percentage.