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Android and Apple Mobile Australian Online Pokies

Mobile casinos allow Australian players to wager from wherever they want and whenever they want on their handsets. The pokies offered by these mobile casinos are known as mobile pokies. The most popular platforms for mobile communication in Australia are those from Apple and Android. The Apple platform is used by its own devices like iPhones and iPads. The Android platform is used by a number of mobile phone brands. The mobile pokies that are available on Apple devices are known as Apple mobile pokies. The mobile pokies that are available on Android devices are known as Android mobile pokies.

Android And Apple Mobile Pokies

The technological superiority of Android and Apple cell phones and tablets is well known. They are capable of handling the complex software required for the most advanced pokies. Therefore the latest pokies that are available at online casinos have been suitably modified for use as Android and Apple mobile pokies. These have the same gaming features such as free spins and bonus games and also the same audio visual quality. You will feel the same excitement with the win animations when you hit a big payout. The pokies will run as smoothly as they do on your desktops. The mobile phone screens are smaller and the pokies layouts are adjusted for this. The tap and swipe operations of Android and Apple cell phones make playing the mobile pokies very convenient. Tablets based on Android and Apple operating systems have larger screens than handsets and this is more helpful for playing mobile pokies.

Accessing Mobile Pokies

Accessing Android and Apple mobile pokies are extremely simple. Most Australian online casinos offer mobile gaming. This is available from the web site of the online casino. Most of these mobile casinos will be compatible with Android and Apple devices. This would be specifically mentioned at the web site or can be confirmed from the customer support. If you are already a member of the online casino there is an extremely simple process for establishing connection through your handset. Otherwise you have to first sign up at the mobile casino. Once this is done you can open the mobile casino on your handset, select the mobile pokie you want to play and start wagering. Money transfers to and from your mobile casino can be carried out from your handset.

As yet there would be a much smaller selection of Android and Apple mobile pokies. But this number is increasing fast and in any event the best online pokies are available in mobile format.

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