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Download Software Pokies at Australian Online Casinos

The importance of pokies in Australian online casino gambling cannot be overstated. About 70% of the casino games offered are online pokies. Almost all the new games additions are online pokies. The best Australian online casinos are powered by software from Microgaming and Playtech, which are well known for the excellent pokies in their portfolios.

It is not surprising that Australian online casino players have a preference for pokies. Online pokies offer much larger payouts than other casino games. A payout of a few thousand times the staked amount is fairly common. Then there are the progressive jackpot pokies, some of which payout in millions of Australian dollars. The audio visual enchantment of pokies is also an important factor. There is something always happening on the screen, be it an introductory video clip, win animations or second screen bonus features. The innovations in the gaming features is currently proceeding at an accelerated pace. Practically every new online pokie has something different to offer. Finally, pokies depict different themes that attract them to different players groups. Australian players particularly like online pokies with sporting and beach themes.

Why Download Pokies are Better Than No Download Pokies

No download Pokies are perfectly fine to play on, in fact the quality has improved so much over the past few years that many of them now offer superb gameplay with cutting edge graphics and clever sound effects, but players are still better off downloading Pokies through the casinos secure software client. It is without a doubt that over 95% of Pokies that are available online today are better when a player has to download it.

There are very few flash-based software companies that can rival download Pokies, but some are coming quite close, for example NetEntertainment. If you open a no-download (Flash) Pokie and have it next to a download Pokie, you should see the difference. Also, if you play on both for a good five minutes, you will notice an obvious difference between the two. This is not to say that no-download Pokies are bad in any way, it just shows that the downloadable Pokies are far better in terms of overall quality, with regards to game play, in-play features, adjustable options and settings.

If a player prefers to spend hours at a time in their favourite online casino, it would seem pointless to keep playing in the Flash mode, unless they are unable to download the software for some reason. They should download the casino from the beginning. Players will receive a more enjoyable playing time and certainly a more immersive experience when playing on a download Pokie, as opposed to a no download Pokie.

Playing Over 275 Pokies at Microgaming Casinos

When players visit a Microgaming powered online casino, they will usually have the option to launch the games in the instant flash mode (no download mode), or they will be able to download the software. The download version will always offer more than half as many games that are available in the instant flash mode, so straight away players should see the advantages of a download casino.

Microgaming casinos generally have over 200 Pokies available with many different themes, a wide range of betting limits and some are even part of the Microgaming Progressive Jackpot network. Microgaming has one of the most comprehensive gaming libraries in the industry today and they continue to release new games almost periodically so this vast number keeps on growing.

Once a player has downloaded the secure Microgaming software, they will have access to various Video Slots which are both the Classic varieties and the more modern Video Slots with scatter symbols, wild symbols, free spins, bonus symbols and innovative bonus rounds. Other Microgaming Pokies include Video Pokers. Some of these are single hand games and others are multihand games with as many as 100 hands available.

Players can easily browse through the huge selection of Microgaming Pokies in the lobby which is quite easy to navigate through. Games take just seconds to load and after you continue to play on the same game, the software will remember it as one of your favourite Pokies, therefore making it easier to locate in the future.

Playing Pokies at Playtech Online Casinos

Playtech have developed over 250 Pokies that players can access in the downloadable version of their casinos or in the instant flash mode.

High rollers will find Playtech games particularly appealing as they are known for their high betting limits. They also have a unique jackpot structure by having three different levels of jackpots to play for, depending on which stake you are wagering with. Playtech continue to release new games throughout the year which keeps most players interested in what they have to offer.

Playtech are known for their unrivalled clarity, innovative graphics and sound effects, as well as their extensive collection of branded Marvelâ„¢ games. These branded name games include the Incredible Hulk, Dare Devil, Iron Man 1 and 2, Elektra, the Fantastic Four, the Punisher, Ghost Rider and many more.

Quite often a player’s number one choice of software providers is Playtech. They have various in-play features and custom settings which can be adjusted to make the players experience more tailor-made. The Pokies have wide betting limits and several of the games have massive jackpots as they are connected to the Playtech Progressive Jackpot network.

Whether or not the Playtech Pokies are launched in the secure download version or in the instant Flash mode, the stunning clarity and animations with both versions continue to impress the players.

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