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Online craps is a dice gambling game that emerged back in the 12th century. Its popularity lead to it being introduced in brick-and-mortar casinos as part of the table games offered at gambling establishments. At first glance, you might think that craps is a complicated game with all its different betting options and columns. On the contrary, craps is actually quite easy to learn, and it has simple rules to follow. Take a look at our craps guide as we provide the ins-and-outs of shooting dice, how to play craps, craps betting strategy tips and more.

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How to Play Craps Online

Online craps casino game is basically reliant on the roll of the dice to determine the outcome. This is all that a new player needs to know about the dice gambling game. The total score of the pair of dice rolled must correspond with the placed bet to win. Having said that, it is prudent to familiarise yourself with the different online craps rules. The following steps are designed to help AU gamblers learn how to play craps games online.

Step 1 – Come Out Roll

First and foremost, there is what is called a Come-Out Roll. Just as the name suggests, players place a wager between two options at the start of the game, a Pass Line or a Don’t Pass line bet. The player that throws the pair of dice is called a shooter, and at this point of the game, there are outcomes that signify a win and a loss. The aim is to roll a combination of numbers that add up to 7 or 11 in order to win big on the initial roll. The shooter, along with all the players that placed a Pass Line bet will win. A loss for a player is determined by a dice roll of either 2, 3 or 12 result. In this case, the Don’t Pass Line bets will win the round. Any number outside of the abovementioned values (4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10) gives a player an additional round to attempt to replicate the same result. This is called the point phase.

Step 2 – Craps Point Phase

In the event that a player rolls a combination of numbers other than a 2, 3, 7, 11 or 12; the game continues without a loser or a winner. The shooter will be given additional attempts to roll the dice to land the initial total. While trying to land the number of the first roll, the shooter must avoid rolling 7 as that will result in a loss.

Online Craps Casinos Australia

Craps Rules for Dummies

Following learning how to play casino craps games, you need to make sure that you understand craps rules. These dice game rules are intended to help new players become online craps pros. Listed below are some of the dice game’s guidelines, including craps tournament rules in Australia:

  • Craps gamblers roll a pair of dice, and all bets are placed on the craps table The dealer (also referred to as the stickman) at the land-based casino will present more than two dice, and the player will choose the pair they will throw. The stickman will collect the dice after each roll.
  • The pair of dice have to hit the back wall of the craps table when tossed. As a rule, if one die hits the back wall when thrown, the round is invalid.
  • The internet craps game rules are similar to the land-based counterpart, with the major difference being that the online game uses a random number generator to produce the outcome.

Play Real Money Craps Online

Australian online craps games can be played for big rewards by wagering in real money. Once players are confident with their knowledge of the casino dice game, they can play online craps for real money. Our recommended casino sites offer several titles of the digital dice game to wager in AUD$. With the craps house edge set at 1.41%, its no wonder why casino gamblers enjoy playing craps casino games online. Top Australian gambling sites have strict policies about the craps age of Aussie gamblers playing craps real money games online.

Free Online Craps Game

Our craps guide features free online craps Australia games offered at our recommended online casino sites. Avid casino game players understand the value of free mode gambling games and the benefits they provide new online casino players. While gamblers can play craps online for fun, the free mode will allow them to employ several craps betting systems to see which one brings about winnings. Since the craps game is based on skill, it is worthwhile to understand the craps dice odds that are associated with certain bets. Players can download craps game online to save on the hard drive from the mobile app providers as an alternative to playing the craps flash version. You can find a real craps video game apps for mobile devices as well.

Craps Strategy and Tips

Playing Australia craps online games without a recognised strategy can often lead to losses. While luck plays a huge role in this game of chance, having a winning streak is largely dependent on the strategy one uses. The craps betting strategy is designed to help new players know how to win at craps online. Our gambling experts have collected the list of craps betting strategy tips for beginners below. These craps tips and tricks have been found to be the best way to make money playing craps:

Craps Come Bet Strategy

If players choose to place a come bet, they are wagering on the possibility of either 7 or 11 being the outcome of the first dice roll. It is noteworthy to play as the shooter in this bet and roll the dice.

Craps Don’t Pass Strategy

As a rule, players should understand craps table odds and payouts before placing a bet. Since this wager can only be played in two rounds, it is the safer of the two bets.  This craps table bet hopes the shooter craps out. Hence, players win when 2, 3 or 12 combinations are hit on the first roll. After the first dice roll, the don’t come bet wins if the player rolls a 7 after that.

Craps Pass Line Strategy

The Pass Line Bet has a 1:1 payout, and it is one of the bets we highly recommend. This is a wager for the shooter to win the round, and the player loses if the shooter craps out.

Craps Gambling Terms

  • Craps: While it is the name of the game, it also refers to the outcome of 2, 3 or 12 on a Come-Out roll. It is called “crapping out”.
  • Natural: When a dice roll produces a 7 or an 11 in a casino craps online game.
  • Big 6: This bet represents placing a wager that the shooter will roll a 6 before a 7.
  • Big 8: Similar to the big 6, this bet in a craps online round relates to a roll by the shooter landing on an 8 before a 7.
  • Any 7: When a player wagers that the outcome of the next roll of the dice will be 7.

Craps History - From Street Craps to Online

The craps casino game was adapted from a dice game from 12th century Europe, played by English soldiers involved in the Crusades. At the time, the English soldiers played a dice game called Hazards, totally different from the game of craps we play today. Hazards moved from Britain to the United States of America, where it would be simplified and renamed as craps around 1807.

The major difference between Hazards and craps is that the dice shooter in a game of Hazards would choose any number from 5 to 9 as the winning number, craps only had 7 as the main number. The craps table layout would be developed over time and mirror one side on the other one. Fast-forward to the birth of online casinos, internet craps gambling games would be created in their varying forms.