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Online Sic Bo Casinos Australia

Online Sic Bo is an ancient Chinese dice game adapted to the digital casinos in Australia because of its massive appeal. The popular casino table game is one of the oldest gambling games around, with the first recorded sighting of the dice game being over 1900 years ago. The Asian dice game shares certain similarities with the craps table game. However, Sic Bo enjoys its own notoriety for being heavily reliant on luck to win. This winner of this game of chance is determined based on the roll of the dice from a range of betting options. Find out more about the game in our comprehensive Sic Bo guide for beginners below, which features Sic Bo dice pattern, best way win Sic Bo as well as several Sic Bo odds.

Online Sic Bo Casinos Australia

Best Australian Sic Bo Casinos Online

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Play Sic Bo for Real Money

Most Australian gamblers play the digital dice game with the aim of making extra cash. That is why our recommended Sic Bo casinos online offer real money titles from top software developers in the world. Part of being recognised as a top Sic Bo gambling site in Australia is that new players have to get a generous welcome bonus for signing up to your site. The player’s initial deposit amount is typically matched up to a certain percentage, increasing the player’s bankroll in the process. Real money Sic Bo games seldom carry playthrough requirements that a casino will set on the sign-up bonus amount extended to Australian players. Don’t fret; top gambling websites also consist of several payment options for Aussies to deposit their AUD.

Live Sic Bo Online

Aussie gamblers enjoy playing live Sic Bo online against live dealers from a brick-and-mortar casino. This option caters to players that seek a real casino atmosphere from a remote area. The online Sic Bo websites have real-life dealers that perform the role of shaking the Sic Bo cage, collecting and placing Sic Bo chips and paying out bets. The live Sic Bo table is streamed live from the land-based casino, in clear view of all the betting option. Players are urged to ensure that they have a strong internet connection when playing at the best real money online Sic Bo sites.

Sic Bo Free Play for Fun

Top casino sites have Sic Bo free play for fun options alongside the real cash variants. These easy to play Sic Bo practice games help new players acquaint themselves with the Sic Bo table layout, betting odds and learn how to play three dice game. Australian Sic Bo online websites sometimes use free spins and no deposit bonuses to give new players several turns to roll the dice without depositing money to play. Sic Bo online free games also give AU players better chances of winning with every turn they play for free, allowing them to employ different Tai Sai strategies and see which one works. AU players can play Sic Bo online for fun on multiple platforms of their choice, with several developers optimising the Sic Bo games for mobile devices as well.


Mobile Sic Bo Games

Aussie players are provided several options to play Sic Bo at top gambling sites. Whether you prefer using a desktop PC or a smartphone of your choice, you can choose to play the flash version or on the Sic Bo game download app. The Sic Bo simulator is optimised for mobile devices to help players practice different strategies when playing real cash Sic Bo online.

Online Sic Bo Casinos Australia

How to Play Sic Bo Casino Game

Before playing for high stakes and depositing your real money, players need to learn how to play Sic Bo. To become a Sic Bo Professional, players need to familiarise themselves with the simple dice game steps we’ve collected. Our gambling experts have collected steps on how Sic Bo works for beginners.

At land-based casinos, the dice are placed inside a transparent container referred to as a Sic Bo cage. In there, they are shaken and the dealer places the container down that has three different results. In the online counterpart, the random outcomes are generated using a random number generator (RNG). The dice and the betting board are all digitised, with only the live Sic Bo casinos online offering the real dice. Traditional casino dice games like craps feature a pair of dice; however, Sic Bo employs three dice. The object of the game of dice is to predict the correct number that comes up, the combination of numbers or the total of the three dice rolled. Learn to play Sic Bo online in a few steps we’ve listed below:

Step 1 – Choose the correct Sic Bo variation

Having been developed a couple of hundred years ago and moved across the world, a couple of variants of the dice game were created. Aussies can choose between the following variants of Sic Bo popular in the land down under:

  • Hi-Lo: This Sic Bo version emanates from the Philippines, with no distinct difference from the original dice game.
  • Yee Hah Hi: Popular in Macau, this variation of Sic Bo uses symbols instead of dots, such as crabs, fish or shrimp. Bets are placed on the symbol that will appear after the roll as well as the colour of the symbol.
  • Grand Hazard: This is the British version of the Sic Bo game, with differences being the Sic Bo table layout.
  • Birdcage: This Sic Bo game owes its name to the dice cage, with the distinguishing feature being betting odds.

Step 2 – Choose the Bet Limit

Online Sic Bo games have multiple betting limits that payout differently, with varying odds. Players can opt to make multiple bets in order to increase their odds of winning.

Step 3 – Placing a Bet

For players still learning the ropes, we recommend safer bets like betting big and smalls. Once you are comfortable, you can bet on the outcome of the number or combination, which have higher rewards.

Step 4 – Rolling the Dice

When you are certain that everything is in order, the next step is to roll the dice. The RNG will generate the outcome of the three dice and dictate the player’s fate.

Step 5 – Collect Your Winnings

Following the roll of the dice and hitting the correct combination, a loud buzz and ringing sound effect will accompany the winning visual display. At this point, players have the option of place the same bet or cashing out.

How to Win Tai Sai Strategy

Most Australian gamblers play the digital dice game with the aim of employing one strategy or the other to win. While the are tons of websites that suggest that there’s a Sic Bo strategy that can guarantee wins, this is not the case. This three-dice casino game is heavily reliant on luck, and as such, you cannot guarantee that you will win.

Having said that, there are bets that have a low risk of losing, such as big and small bets. Online Tai Sai, like any gambling game, has a certain level of risk attached to each bet. Some players employ the Labouchere theory which they’ve found to be successful for them, while others opt for the more conservative 3-2-6 Betting system.

Sic Bo Tips to Win Big

This fast-paced dice game is very unpredictable. Therefore, it is prudent to follow these tricks and Sic Bo tips to win. These tips have been found to bring about relative success in comparison to playing without an identified approach for Australian Sic Bo players.

  • Select a good Sic Bo variant to play. Play digital Dai Siu at a top gambling site that indicates the payout percentage of a game. This also shows the house edge and the return to player percentage to help gamblers make an informed decision.
  • Understand the betting limits of the game. This also involves regulating the amount of money you are going to spend playing, as well as the amount of time spent playing the Sic Bo flash game.
  • Always be on the lookout for Sic Bo promotions and bonus games at the best Sic Bo casinos in Australia. These games will give you the option to extend your bankroll, play using bonuses that you can exchange for real cash when you win.

Sic Bo Terminology

  • Weak Bet – This refers to a bet that isn’t dependent on the total of three dice, but only one or two dice.
  • Big Bet – This refers to a bet on the total sum of the three dice reaching between eleven and seventeen. It is a safe bet and therefore, pays out 1 to 1.
  • Small Bet – Similar to the Big Bet, it is a bet on the total sum of the three dice being less than Small Sic Bo bet pays out 1 to 1 as well.
  • Double Bets – This refers to a bet on two of the three dice that they will display a certain number between one and six.
  • Strong Bet – This wager pays out more than other Sic Bo bets because it has very high odds. It refers to betting on the specific combination of the three dice such as having a similar number at the same time. The likelihood of that happening it very low when speaking of Sic Bo probability, therefore, it carries high house edges.
  • Triple Bets - This refers to a bet on all three dice to show the exact same With a payout of 180 to 1, it is the least chosen bet but the most profitable as well.


The History of Sic Bo

Sic Bo originally comes from Ancient China and is also referred to as Tai Sai or Dai Siu which literally translates into Big Small. The origins of Sic Bo history are contested, but the Chinese casino dice game was invented in the 19th century. It was originally played using numbered wooden blocks, and over time, substituted for small dice. Originally, the game was a Chinese population pastime, and it spread out to different parts of the world. It was only introduced to North America in the 20th century through Chinese immigrants, around the 1920s and 1940s. With the rise of migrant workers and European-American settlers moving around the world, the game found its way to Australia over time and grew in popularity since.

FAQs About Online Sic Bo Aus

What is Sic Bo?

Unlike craps where the pair of dice are tumbled inside a player’s hand, Sic Bo is played using a Sic Bo cage, an enclosed container where the three dice are tumbled till the container is put on the ground. Players bet on the outcome of the result, with the combination of bets having different odds.

Which online Sic Bo strategy can I use to win every time?

While there are several strategies to help players limit the degree of their losses, there is no Sic Bo strategy that can guarantee that a player can win every time. Sic Bo is a game purely based on chance, with an equal opportunity to win and lose.

Can I play online Sic Bo for free?

Yes, of course! There are plenty of Sic Bo online free games that do not require players to deposit real cash to play. Top Australian gambling site offers Sic Bo practice free games as a quick tutorial on how to play the dice game online.

Which online Sic Bo betting option has the highest payout?

With 180 to 1 odds, the triple bet pays out the most compared to other Sic Bo bets. This bet predicts that on all three dice a single number between 1-6 will appear. While it payout a lot, it also has a high house edge.