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Best Online Casinos in Victoria 2018

Melbourne is the crown jewel of Victoria, and it just so happens to be the Australian state's gambling hub as well. Victoria is widely known for its sports-loving fanatics, and the Victorian's admiration for sports spills over to gaming sites along with casino establishments located in the state. It is home to one of the world's most popular casinos, Crown Casino, famed for its extensive collection of casino gambling games that include real money blackjack, poker, pokies and roulette games. Victoria has a proud tradition of sports betting casinos, with horse racing remaining as popular at land-based gambling establishment as it is online. We've compiled a list of top betting sites in Victoria as well as all the responsible gambling laws that govern Victorian casinos.

Recommended Online Casinos for Victorian Gamblers

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Top Victorian Local Casinos

While Victoria may offer tourists beautiful scenery, its main drawcard is the promise of greater riches. The best Victoria casino establishments are located in Melbourne, with the most popular casino being Crown Casino. Crown Casino Melbourne is the largest casino in Australia and houses over 2500 pokies machines.

Moreover, the gambling casino site attracts world-class superstars to Australian shores as part of its leisure and entertainment offerings. Crown Casino Melbourne is home to several 5-star restaurants and a hotel; you can have your pick at top draw eateries while you’re there. Your stay won’t be complete without heading over to the numerous sports betting establishments to wager on the winner of our annual competitions. Some such competitions include the Melbourne Cup as well as the Melbourne Tennis Open. These tournaments attract top athletes from around the world to perform at the event.

Best Online Casinos in Victoria

Other land-based casinos in Australia that pull I large numbers take are:

  • The Skyways Tavern: While fairly miniature in size when compared to Crown, with approximately 95 pokie machines populating just 1000 square feet of the casino floor, Skyways makes up for the small space with its amazing restaurant and bar.
  • The Millers Inn Casino: has over 70 gambling machines on the casino floor, with nine luxury hotel rooms for Victorian players.

Victorian Gambling Laws 2018

The casino gambling laws in Australia are constantly changing, with strict regulations preventing both online casinos and land-based betting operators from offering certain gaming options such as pokies machines. The Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) is the regulatory body that oversees gambling operations for casinos and racetracks in Victoria. VCGLR’s gambling laws are work concurrently with the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001, which has restricted online casino real money games in the state.

As part of responsible gambling efforts, it is illegal for web-based Australian casino sites to offer gambling games to Aussie players. This has meant that Australian gamblers must play at licenced online casinos from abroad. Gambling laws in the Garden State have also meant that the Victorian government keep track of pokies machines available in Melbourne. As a result, neither of the above mentioned casinos have more than 100 slot machines on the casino floor. Aussie players have since gravitated towards internet casino sites based in foreign territories.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gambling in Victoria

Are online casinos legal in Victoria?

Aussie players can play online casino games from overseas sites. The law only restricts Australian based online gambling operators

What is the legal gambling age in Victoria?

In Victoria, the legal gambling age of a gambler to play at both online and offline casinos is 18 years old. This is also standard practice in other Australian states.

What are the differences in gambling laws in Australian provinces?

The Internet Gambling Act of 2001 regulates gambling activities in Australia on a national scale. However, each state has the sovereign right to prescribe gaming regulations for its province. The Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation oversees the fairness of casino games in Victoria.

Who regulates gambling laws in Victoria?

The Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) regulates land-based casinos as well as racetracks in Victoria. It also ensures that Victorian players are protected from substandard and unfair casino gaming practices.

What is the best casino in Victoria?

Crown Casino Melbourne is considered the best casino located in Victoria. It is the largest and offers all the top betting games.