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Australian Owned Chumba Casino is Switching From Free to Pay to Pay to Play

Added: November 24, 2013

The idea of switching a free to play Facebook casino over to a pay to play business model is not a new one. Indeed, even the mighty Zynga considered doing this, but eventually gave up on the idea for a number of reasons. However, it seems that Australian based Chumba Casino, one of the smaller Facebook online casino games, thinks it can make the move to pay to play without too many problems. What makes Chumba Casino different to other online casino sites on Facebook, is that the owner of Chumba Casino, Laurence Escalante, believes he has found a loophole in Facebook’s terms and conditions, that will enable him to convert his free to play online casino, to a fully pay to play online gambling site, via Facebook.

Chumba Casino is operated by Virtual Gaming Worlds, a Perth based company. This is a pretty standard Facebook online casino site, with a range of video slot games, online poker and other online casino games. At the moment, Chumba Casino produces revenue by selling extra casino credits, and a range of extras. If it goes pay to play, this will change entirely.

The way this will work, is that Chumba Casino will run two sites concurrently. The free to play Facebook site, and a twin site, that will be fully pay to play. This is due to the fact that Virtual Gaming Worlds has recently received a license in the Philippines, to operate a pay to play online gambling site.

The cool thing about the pay to play version of Chumba Casino, is that the new online gambling site will also include the full range of social gaming features that are currently available vie the Facebook version. This is a pretty cool, as far as we know, there are no completely social gaming enabled pay to play online casino sites in existence, so this would be something quite fresh. However, considering that much of the social gaming functionality is currently made possible due to the Facebook framework, then Virtual Gaming Worlds has a lot of work to do if it wants to recreate these features within its pay to play online casino. This is of course, and awful lot of work. We don’t believe that the pay to play version of Chumba Casino will mirror the social gaming features of the Facebook version entirely.

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