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Casino War And Red Dog At Microgaming Online Casinos

Added: August 10, 2017

In between serious bouts of wagering, some casino players like to unwind with simple fast paced games that require little or no strategy. The choice usually falls on scratch cards. But there are two table games Casino War and Red Dog that are perfect for this purpose. The average returns that you will get are better than those in scratch cards. You can play these games Microgaming casinos like Spin Palace, All Slots and Royal Vegas.

Casino War starts with the ante wager. You and the dealer will be dealt one card each. If your card is higher ranked then you immediately win even money on the ante bet. If the dealer’s card is higher ranked then you lose the ante bet. If both cards are of the same rank then you have two options. You can surrender and recover half the ante bet. Or you can go to war by placing a second bet equal to the ante bet. Three cards are burnt and a second card to both you and the dealer. In this case if your card has the same rank or is higher ranked then you win even money on your ante bet, while the second bet pushes. If the dealer’s card is higher ranked then you lose both bets. The strategy that results in the highest average return of just more than 97% is always go to war. Also, never wager on the tie bet, which pays 10 to 1 if the first two cards are of the same rank.

Red Dog also begins with the ante bet. Two cards are dealt on the table. If the cards are of consecutive ranks then the bet pushes. If the cards are of the same rank then a third card is dealt. If you get three of a kind the payout is 11 to 1, otherwise the bet pushes. In all other cases there is a spread, which is the number of ranks in between the cards. For example, if the first two cards are 6 and 9, the spread is 2. You have the option of doubling the ante wager. If the third card lies in between then you win according to the payout table, otherwise you lose. The maximum payout is 5 to 1 for a spread of 1. The optimum strategy is to raise only when the spread is 7 or more. The average return in Red Dog is also just above 97%.