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Crown Casino's Gambling License Renewed in Spite of Problem-Gambling Concerns

Added: August 08, 2018

Crown Casino has a reputation of turning a blind-eye to problem-gamblers that frequent their esteemed establishment. In a recent outcry over its responsible gambling compliance, Victoria's Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulator proposed that improvement in the casino's efforts are needed to comply with regulations. The gaming regulator recorded its sixth review of Crown's license, with damning findings for its flagship casino in Melbourne.  Despite unfavourable discoveries, Crown remain in business and with a license to offer Aussies gambling services.

 Crown Casino's Gambling License Renewed Australia

VCGLR Findings in Crown Casino Review

Crown Casino has been skating on thin ice for a while now, with multiple infractions of gambling regulations that have resulted in fines and stern condemnation from anti-gambling groups. It was therefore unsurprising to find that the VCGLR’s review report consisted of negative findings on Crown’s day-to-day running of the casino. VCGLR highlighted Crown’s ‘failures of governance and risk management’ in relation to responsible gambling protocols. The casino was heavily criticised over its culture and practices that give rise to the reoccurence of breaches in gaming regulations. This year alone, Crown received a AU$300,000 fine for eliminating betting options on pokie machines. This was followed by a footage from a whistleblower that indicated pokies tampering pins being used to make the pokie machine spin continuously.

Crown’s Gambling License Renewed Amid History of Breaching Gaming Laws

In light of the several counts of malpractice and allegations of money laundering levelled at Crown Casino, VCGLR remains confident that the casino is suitable to hold on to their casino license. Following the review, Crown chairman John Alexander conceded that the casino could be doing a lot more to enforce responsible gambling measures at their establishment. In light of the numerous legislative reforms taking place in Australia, it is likely that there’ll be a special attention focused on Crown in the upcoming weeks. We’ll be there to uncover all the gambling news in Australia, so don’t change the dial.

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