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Crown Casino under Investigation Over Poker Machine Tampering Claims

Added: April 26, 2018

Victoria’s Gambling regulator in conjunction with the police is investigating new allegations relating to poker machine tampering at Crown casino in Melbourne. This investigation compounds the bad publicity that Crown casino has been subjected to of late, with these fresh claims closely following an active investigation of pokies machines meddling by the casino.

Crown Casino Staff Implicated in the Pokies Machine Scandal

A female gambler who frequents the Crown casino has alleged that the casino's gaming-floor employees gave her small picks with the intended use of jamming the poker machines' betting buttons, seemingly allowing her to play over and over again. Requesting to remain anonymous, the woman claims that she was also provided more than one loyalty card in order to harvest multiple points from more than one machine.

After giving her testimony to Federal Independent MP, Andrew Wilkie, it is understood that the woman was suffering from gambling addiction, having been known to lose up to AU$30,000 on return trips to the casino. Evidently, this was a failed attempt to assist the player to recover some of her loses by the Crown casino staff.

Previous Poker Machine Tampering Accusation levied at Crown Casino

This recent testimony follows evidence provided by a whistle-blower of Crown Casino’s deliberate removal of betting options on numerous machines which is in direct breach of gambling laws in Australia. Following receipt of this new supporting evidence, the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) is reflecting on the possible penalty for the repeated offence. A Crown casino spokeswoman could not give much information on the matter but relented to say that the casino would fully co-operate with the authorities.