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Mad Scientist Online Pokies From Betsoft

Added: November 9, 2017

One good turn deserves another, and so does one good online pokie. There are several popular online pokies with equally popular sequels. One such pair is Mad Scientist and Madder Scientist from Betsoft that can be played at Australian online casinos like House of Jack. Both feature Dr Walter Prescott, a scientist and inventor who was way ahead of his times.

In Mad Scientist online pokie Dr Prescott discovers a formula to convert objects into gold. The symbols on the reels include a wide array of scientific equipment, some of which you may not recognise. The formula written on the blackboard is the wild symbol. The Bio Hazard symbols trigger the Bio Pick Me bonus game on the reels. You select one of the triggering symbols for bonus credits. The Tesla Coil symbols trigger the Wild’o’Cution feature. The Tesla coils turn the symbols between them into wilds. The Great Experiment Bonus is triggered by the test tube symbols. You are taken to the Mad Scientist’s laboratory displayed on the second screen. The final test of the Turn-o-Gold serum is being performed and you are called to assist. You will select four objects to be tested. Dr Prescott will apply the serum and the objects will turn into bronze, silver or gold. Your bonus depends on how many of the objects turn into gold.

In Madder Scientist Dr Prescott returns to change even more things to gold. The crazy inventor has grown older, looks crazier and has hired a sexy lab assistant. The win animations are crazier, which is an achievement, since they were spaced out in the original online pokie. The bonus features have also become more complex. The beaker symbols trigger the Beaker Click Me feature. You keep selecting beakers and winning bonuses till either all beakers have been picked or one reveals the “Collect”. The switch symbols trigger the Wild Switches feature. A randomly chosen reel will turn wild for a given number of spins. Test the Serum bonus is activated by carrot symbols. Again you are called to Dr Prescott’s laboratory to help. You have to create a new concoction to test on the carrot. You will be awarded instant bonuses based on the outcome of the test. Madder Scientist introduces the exciting Reel Re-spin feature. After each spin, you can choose to respin any of the 5 reels at an additional cost. You have to use your ingenuity to figure out whether the cost is worth the potential benefits involved.