MP Wilkie Pushes for FOBT Policy Implementation in Australia

Added: May 25, 2018

Following the United Kingdom's announcement to employ stricter measures in pokies machine as part of its Fixed-Odds Betting Terminal FOBT Policy, a similar plan may be heading to Australia. MP Andrew Wilkie has been actively working to address problem-gambling in Australia and is of the view that this policy, along with other measures already in place may be the answer. In essence, the policy is aimed at reducing the maximum bet in gambling machines from the current limit. The minister hopes his latest attempt to crack down on pokies machines will be successful, as the Australian government has rejected such a policy in the past.

MP Wilkie Argues for stricter gambling measures with the FOBT endorsement

What the FOBT Policy Means For Pokies Players

The FOBT policy is a law aimed at dropping the maximum bet limit on pokies machines that was recently implemented by the UK government. MP Wilkie seeks to follow suit and convince the AU government to apply similar legislation. A staunch advocate of the anti-gambling movement, MP Wilkie deems pokies machines as a serious problem to the Australian public. In his address, he stresses that "the Federal Government has the power to legislate for $1 maximum bets, as well as other harm minimisation measures like mandatory pre-commitment".

Australian Government's Reservations About the FOBT Policy

Since this motion has been tabled before the Australian government in the past, MP Wilkie hopes the implementation in the UK may act as a pressure. However, he was quick to outline the apparent conflict of interest, since "both major parties receive enormous donations from the gambling industry". It is unlikely that the government will turn a blind eye on this matter, following calls for stricter measures from anti-gambling groups. Tim Costello, a prominent anti-gambling campaigner, welcomed the United Kingdom's efforts against gambling addiction and advocated for Australia to follow in its footsteps. Despite the overwhelming support for the FOBT policy to be enacted in Australia, the final decision rests with the federal government. Will the government make it into law?

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