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South Australian Pubs Introduce Problem-Gambling Technology

Added: May 11, 2018

The fight against problem-gambling has reached new heights in South Australia. South Australian clubs and pubs have introduced risk monitoring technology in pokies machines that automatically warn the gaming employees of gamblers that have exceeded the predetermined threshold. The move was endorsed by the Independent Gambling Authority, seeing this act as a positive step towards combating problem-gambling in the country.

How Problem-Gambling is Calculated

South Australian Clubs Introduce A Device to Detect Problem-Gambling in Pokies Machines

While the move is intended to reduce gambling harm to patrons at the establishment, many have cried foul at the possible surveillance and imposed restrictions that the technology will bring. Proponents of the risk monitoring system say that the venue staff at the clubs and pubs will be alerted of gamblers that spend too long a period or too much money on a single pokies machine. The official threshold figures could not be released to the public in fear that problem gamblers may find a way to circumvent the technology.

Proponents of the Technology Envision It Implement Countrywide

The branch general manager of the South Australian Hotels Association, Ian Horne, spoke fondly of the pokies machine technology, expressing how it closes the technological gap between pubs and casinos. “The casino has its own system, but it’s one building with five doors whereas we’re across the state, so it was always harder to implement a system like this,” he explained. The initial introduction of the system in hotels and clubs is set to be rolled out in seven months time, as part of the commencement of the new Gaming Machines Act.

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