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Clubs NSW to Enact Third-Party Exclusion Rule into Law

Added: October 15, 2018

Third-Party exclusion is soon to be part of gambling establishments in New South Wales due to increased problem gambling in the area Problem gambling in Australia as a whole has been a major issue and the NWS government is taking steps to remedy the situation. Stories of gambling-related harm have since resurfaced to indicate the need for stricter measures to be put in place. Joy Van Duinen from New South Wales had long suspected her son Gary (45) of having a gambling addiction problem but was not fully aware of the extent to which he suffered from it. Before his death in May of this year, it is reported that Gary had spent approximately 13 hours gambling at various clubs across Sydney.

The Induction of Third-Party Exclusion in NWS

A new memorandum of understanding between Clubs NSW and the state government is set to introduce a third-party exclusion rule in which families of patrons suffering from gambling addiction can report gamblers and prevent them from entering gambling establishments. This can be done anonymously and exclusion can in some cases be involuntary. The call for such exclusion policy has long been sung since 2008, but it presented multiple ethical and legal complications. It seems that there has been a work-around the issues. The executive manager of public affairs for Clubs NSW, Josh Landis expanded how his organization and the government are working closely to ensure the success of the policy.

NSW Gambling Laws

What this Means for Australian Pokies Lovers

The policy has received praise as it is deemed to provide avenues in which people like Joy can use to help their loved ones. Executive director of the Alliance for Gambling Reform, Tony Mohr was quick to err on the side of caution, explaining how there has been little evidence to suggest third-party exclusions were effective. He suggested that clubs look for a more sustainable rule of law, as gamblers tend to hide their gambling activities from those close to them. If you or any of your loved ones are suffering from gambling problem, you can reach out to the following organisations for help.

  • Gambling Help Online: 1800 858 858 or visit https://www.gamblinghelponline.org.au/
  • Lifeline Australia: (02) 6215 9400
  • Gamblers Anonymous Australia: http://gaaustralia.org.au/Gam-Anon: https://www.gam-anon.org/