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Realtime Gaming Offers Innovative Video Poker Variants

Added: October 26, 2017

If you are looking for some different video poker variants, you could try Realtime Gaming powered Australian online casinos like Fair Go. Look for Mystery Bonus Poker and 7 Stud Poker under the video poker category in the games menu.

Mystery Bonus Poker is based on the Jacks or Better online video poker variant and uses the same payout table. It has the additional Mystery Bonus Feature. After the bet is places but before the cards are dealt, the Mystery Bonus Poker wheel on the screen reveals a hand ranking from the payout table. You then play out the game in the usual online video poker manner. If the final hand has the ranking indicated by the Mystery Bonus Poker wheel the player receives doubled payouts. There is a payout based on the hand ranking and an equal payout for getting the Mystery Bonus Poker hand.

There is a challenge in Mystery Bonus Poker, which compels the player to alter the usual Jacks or Better strategy optimum strategy. The dilemma is whether to go with the optimum Jacks or Better strategy even if it means eliminating any chance of getting the Mystery Bonus Poker hand. Or try to play for the Mystery Bonus Poker hand even if it reduces the chances of getting a winning hand altogether.

7 Stud Poker follows the game play of stud poker variants. This is different format from the draw poker variant, which is used in the common online video poker variants. In stud poker you are dealt cards in stages and have the option of placing additional bets in between stages. The game play of Realtime Gaming 7 Stud Poker is described in some detail because it is different.

You start by placing the ante bet. The first and third cards of your hand will be dealt face up. You can at this stage raise by the amount equal to your ante bet. Or you can call, which means that you play on without raising the bet. If you call then the remaining cards are immediately dealt. If you raise, then the fifth card is dealt face up. Again, you can raise or call. If you raise, then the sixth card is dealt face up. Again your raise or call. After this all the remaining cards are dealt. The best five card poker hand is automatically selected and compared with the payout table. The payout table begins with three of a kind that pays 1 to 1 and goes to royal flush that pays 25 to 1.