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Australia’s Advertising Rules Leaves Room for Betting Companies to Target Kids

Added: May 10, 2018


Following the Commonwealth Games last month, Australia’s advertising regulations about sports betting have come to the spotlight again. Since it’s the NBA playoff season, the light beams a bit more on the restriction relating to companies that promote their offers to underage children. Gambling in Australia is a heavily regulated industry; however, some betting companies are finding ways around the stringent rules.

Sports Betting Advertisements Ban

In March, the Australian government banned gambling adverts from being aired by live sports channels between the period of 5:00 AM and 20:30 PM. This period is believed to be the time when children are up and watching television. Nevertheless, the ban does not include channels that charge a subscription. Since there’s a cost charged for having access to the channel, not everyone can afford to pay it. Thus, the relatively low viewership figures have made sports broadcasters like ESPN the exception to the rule. The American sports broadcasting channel can promote any gambling related adverts at any time of the day.

Sports Betting Relationship with Television

The decision to ban sports betting ads was met with heavy outcry from Australian executives from different sporting codes. The insistence of gambling advert restrictions was argued that it would have negative effects on the value of television rights. Television broadcasters are able to charge more when there are fewer guidelines to follow. In turn, sports betting companies pay more handsomely to sports broadcasters in accordance with the viewership figures as well as major sports events. With the FIFA World Cup next month, a spike in the number of sports betting ads can be expected.

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