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Understanding Feature Guarantee In Realtime

Added: November 30, 2017

Realtime Gaming is a games supplier to the most popular Australian online casinos. In some of its high profile pokies, like Aztec’s Treasure, Naughty or Nice Spring Break and It’s A Mystery, it incorporates a mechanism called Feature Guarantee. If the free spins bonus round is not triggered in the usual manner for 150 consecutive spins then it is automatically triggered through Feature Guarantee. This article explains the working of this mechanism.

The game screen will display the Feature Guarantee counter. It shows 150 at the start of the cycle. After every spin the counter decreases by 1 count. After 150 spins the counter will show 0 and the free spins will be triggered. After the free spins are played out, a new cycle starts and the counter is reset to 150. If within the cycle the free spins are triggered in the normal way, the Feature Guarantee counter starts again with 150 after the free spins are played out. The counter is valid for a given bet amount. If you change the bet within a cycle the counter will automatically reset to 150.

The Feature Guarantee includes another mechanism called Instant Trigger Chance. It gives you a chance to trigger the free spins without getting the required symbol alignment and without completing 150 spins. It is only a chance that may succeed or may fail, like the tossing of a coin. If it fails, the Feature Guarantee counter will reset to 150 immediately.

The screen also displays the Instant Trigger Chance counter. This shows the likelihood of success likely if the trigger is activated. As the Feature Guarantee counter decreases, the Instant Trigger Chance percent increases. Whenever you want to take the chance, you have to click the Play button next to the counter. Then the Feature Guarantee screen will be displayed with a circle containing red or green bands along its circumference. After seeing the screen you are given one more chance to abort the Instant Trigger feature. If you decide to go on, the green bands will randomly get scattered around the circumference. A tracker will rotate and come to a stop. If it lands on a green band the free spins bonus round gets triggered. If it stops on a red band you will directly be returned to the main game. In either event the Feature Guarantee counter resets to 150.