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Understanding Microgaming Caribbean Draw Poker

Added: July 6, 2017

Most players head to online casinos to wager on pokies. But online casinos offer other types of games as well. Many of these are based on poker hand rankings and are listed under the Table Games sections in the online casino lobbies. Casino poker games usually offer higher average returns than online pokies, though the payout ratios will be lower. They are also more interactive in the sense that some skilled decision making is needed. One such online casino game is Caribbean Draw Poker. You will find it at Microgaming online casinos like All Slots, Spin Palace and Casino Mate.

Online Caribbean Draw Poker is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. You have to first place the ante bet. You have the option of placing the side bet as well. Then you will be dealt five cards that are face up. The dealer’s hand will be dealt with one card face up and four cards face down. Based on the cards that you can see, you then have to choose from one of the following three options. If your hand has no potential to win then you can fold. The game will end and your ante bet will be forfeited. If you are happy with your hand then you stand with your cards and place a play bet equal to double the ante bet. If you think your hand can do with some improvement then you can replace up to two cards by wagering the play bet.

If you have decided to play on then the dealer’s face down cards will be automatically revealed. The dealer can automatically draw up to two cards to improve his hand. The software is programmed for this. The two hands will be compared based on the normal poker hand rankings. If your hand is lower ranked then you will lose both the ante and the play bets. If your hand is higher ranked, then the payout depends on whether or not the dealer has qualified. The dealer requires a pair of eights or better to qualify. If the dealer fails to qualify then the ante bet pays even money and the play bet pushes. If the dealer has qualified then the ante bet pays even money and the play bet pays as per a payout table. Hands that are lower ranked than a flush pay out at even money. At the highest end a royal flush pays out 100 to 1. The optional side bet pays out according to another payout table and is based on the original dealt hand before drawing.

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