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European Roulette Online 2018

European Roulette online is arguably the most popular variant of the roulette game in Australia. Originally created in France DURING the 17th century, European Roulette table game is famous for being a game that combines luck and gambling strategy. The European Roulette game’s most distinct symbol is the single zero on both the roulette wheel and table, which is also the game’s pseudonym. Find out more about the differences between the roulette table variants, and roulette odds on how to win European roulette every time. Our guide includes tips and European Roulette strategy to win for online roulette beginners.

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European Roulette vs American Roulette – The Single-Zero Game Online

There are plenty of roulette variants that players can find at any of our top-rated casino sites in Australia. The differences between roulette variants are fairly important because they influence the odds of winning when playing the game. There are two other roulette variants in addition to the European version, which is the French and the American roulette game. Because the American roulette variant has an extra pocket, the house edge is 5.26% as opposed to European roulette games where it is only 2.63%. Also, French and European roulette are quite similar, with both variants sharing similar structured roulette tables and wheels. The American roulette version is quite distinct and we’ve compiled a few defining contrasts between both variants.

European Roulette Table

The European Roulette board is coloured with red, green and black colours. These colours are also mirrored on the roulette wheel as well. While there may be 37 pockets in the game, there’s way more roulette betting options. European roulette features two additional wagering options that are not available on the original roulette game, that is the ‘Neighbour Bet’ and the ‘Call Bet’.

European Roulette Wheel

The wheel of the European Roulette casino online game contains similar pattern of colours as found in the table. The roulette table layout features a green carpet, with the numbers coloured in different shades separated by white lines. The colour-scheme on the roulette wheel is shaded differently, with the pockets coloured differently from the standard white colour of the numbers. There are a total of 37 compartments that the roulette ball can land on the casino roulette wheel.

European Roulette Simulator

European Roulette Strategy to Win

Playing European Roulette online may seem easy to the unsuspecting eye. However, it takes the deployment of strategy to understand how to win European roulette every time and become a roulette pro. Our online roulette Australia reviews contain several roulette tips and tricks that can help new and seasoned gamblers hone their skill. With a bit of luck, players can consistently win real cash prizes more often. Below is a list of useful European Roulette strategy to win at any of our recommended casino sites in Australia:

  • As a rule, it is always recommended that Aussies play European Roulette online for fun before they can proceed to real money games. This will allow new players to test different strategies and gauge the amount of money they need before they can win. Management of one’s bankroll is very important.
  • Since the game is about predicting which pocket the ball is going to land on, players should understand that placing bets on all the numbers is not cost effective. New players can select betting options that have higher odds of winning like colour bets.
  • Because European Roulette online games use a random number generator (RNG), the outcomes are generated by a random selecting computer algorithm. Our gambling experts have figured out that certain numbers have higher odds of appearing, therefore players should always look at the pattern that appears to decide on where to bet next.

European Roulette Rules for Beginners

It is pretty simple to understand this version of roulette. It is very easy to spot the difference between the other variants and the return to player percentage of European Roulette is impressive. The most apparent rule that separates the different versions of roulette are the two additional betting options. Here’s what they entail and the odds of winning:

  • The Call Bet is a wager that the dealer can only place and the player cannot. It covers a certain section of the table and is only available at live roulette Australia casino tables online.
  • Similar to call bets, Neighbour Bet covers numbers close to zero and has a specified bet minimum.

Players can find European Roulette download games to play on their computer desktop or mobile device. Choose from any of the best online roulette for real money Australia casinos that we recommend and start playing.