Football Betting Online Australia 2018

As a sub-genre of online sports betting, football betting is the action of making predictions on the outcome of football matches. Knowing how Aussies love their football, this is easily one of the most popular sports in Australia. Not to be confused with European football, but Australian rules football is one of the oldest sports down under, likened to American football but highly different. The sport has grown in leaps and bounds, even being drafted to feature leagues all around Europe in recent years. Our football betting guide for beginners looks at the football gambling in Australia, with a collection of football betting tips and all that you need to know to win.

Sports Bet Casinos in Australia

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How to Get Started

Over the course of the year, there’s a period dedicated to the start and the finishing of a football season. Before the first football match, Australian online bookmakers advertise the odds of a team winning after the course of the season. The teams with the highest probability of winning usually don’t payout a lot. However, players make the most money when they predict the fancied team will lose. Not to get carried away, players first have to find a good online casino to place bets at first. Some of the best football betting sites in Australia include Paddy Power, Bet 365 and Sky Bet.

Most of the best football betting sites AU that we recommend are regularly checked and audited by a reputable gambling third party to ensure that games are fair and payments are made timeously. We recognise that there are plenty of gambling sites that enter the market on a daily basis, thus players are prone to registering at a rogue or blacklisted betting site. That’s why our gambling experts created a strict checklist that we subject new online casino sites to when conducting a casino review. Once a player has successfully registered with a safe online casino and deposited funds in your casino account, you should follow the steps below:

  1. Select the sports discipline that you are going to bet on.
  2. Choose the league and country you are going to place a bet on.
  3. Select the number of bets you (single or multiple) are going to bet on.
  4. Each bet will have multiple bets, (match results are the safest bets with the best odds.)
  5. Set a maximum bet amount.
  6. Enjoy the match while waiting for the final results.

 Football Betting Casinos Australia

Football Betting Odds - Best Way to Win

The best online bookies for football promote the best odds in order to attract players to join their betting websites. When placing bets on football, the odds determine the potential payout that a punter will receive when they get all their predictions correct. Players must learn how to calculate odds in sports betting. There are primarily two formats that are used by Australian betting sites listed below:

  • American Odds Format: also referred to as the Moneyline format, the negative or positive a sign suggest whether the football betting odds are favourable or not. The signs dictate the amount of money punters need to bet to win AU$100.
  • Decimal Odds is as the name suggests, calculated in decimals. The numerical values show the potential return of a bet including the stake.

Football Betting Tips for Australians

Aussie punters that are familiar with football betting site predictions will be aware that betting odds are never the same at all betting sites. This is why most Aussie punters register multiple accounts on several betting sites in order to maximise their wins when they believe will win. This forms part of the sports betting tips that our gambling experts have compiled for Australians. Here are other tips to win when you bet on football:

  • Punters should study football fixtures and how previous corresponding fixtures went. This relates to whether the final results coincide with the one the punter wishes to bet or not.
  • While the game of sports can be unpredictable, players should always support their bets with stats that involve both teams.
  • Since the team pegged to win by most punters will have low payout, players should increase their betting stake in order to capitalise on the odds advantage.
  • Select a league you can follow and have a genuine interest in. The AFL football has a large following in Australia and AFL odds are very favourable to punters.
  • Take advantage of special bonuses and promotions advertised at the best football betting sites.
  • Players should also ensure that they make their bets timeously.

Online Betting Legalities

While Australian online casinos are barred from offering online casino games to Aussie punters, football betting sites in AUS are perfectly legal. Under the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001, online gambling website are banned, but sports betting sites based in Australia can offer wagering options to Australian players. We provide punters with a list of online betting companies that are registered with local gaming commissions in their respective Australian state.

Best Mobile Betting Sites for Aussie Players

The best site to bet on football games also offer downloadable online betting platforms for punters to play on-the-go. Having a mobile app of the best website for football prediction also helps punters understand sports betting odds better before they wager their real money. Punters need to ensure that they have a stable internet connection in order to wager accurately. Players can use their Android, iPhone and Windows Phones to download their preferred online betting sites football app.