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Horse race betting is the bedrock of the gambling industry, having been around hundreds of years. With the dawn of online gambling, this sport betting sub-genre that was once reserved for the wealthy elite could now be enjoyed by everyone down under . The Australian horse race betting market has grown in spades, proving to be a very profitable industry for Aussies. As part of our horse racing guides, our gambling experts have collected information to help new players understand horse racing betting odds today. Our horse betting for dummies guide includes racing tips.

Best Online Horse Racing Betting Sites

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Horse Gambling - How Does Horse Betting Work

For the odd gambling novice, horse gambling may be an intimidating terrain to be thrust into. With so many stats to consider and a number of things to remember, it helps to know what you doing. Here are a few steps to help new online players learn the best way to bet horse racing at Australian betting sites:

Step 1 – Players need to choose a legitimate race to wager on that has the best online betting offers. There are different types of horse racing competitions to choose from, for instance, there are flats and jumps competitions.

Step 2 – There will be many horses and/or jockeys to choose from. Players need to base their bet on previous performances, the trainer, betting odds and mostly their gut-feeling.

Step 3 - Most bookmakers will present players with betting odds that will influence the decision of a player’s choice. These odds will also make the player aware of the potential winnings on offer for every bet placed.

Step 4 – Different horse racing casino sites will have different odds. Players must then choose a casino to bet with that has the best online betting deals, odds and top payout.

Step 5 – The next step is depositing your AU$ into your casino account. The best horse racing betting sites will have several Aussie-friendly payment options that they can deposit with.

Step 6 – Players will then state their bet, the racetrack, race number, type of bet and number of bets.

Step 7 – Last but not least, confirm the bet and follow the race to see the outcome of the result.

Horse Racing Betting Odds

If you have no idea of what all the numbers next to a jockey, horse or trainer are, then don’t fret. These numbers represent the odds of a bet and the chances of a certain pick winning. Below is a series of payoffs to follow when betting on horses at various odds at any Australian betting sites:


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Best Way to Bet on Horses - Horse Betting Strategy

Since horse racing is a game that consists of multiple statistics to help players choose the safest horse racing bet, this means that there is a particular strategy that players employ to win. We look at betting strategies you can use to win when betting on horses at Australian betting sites online.

  • Learn about the sport: Before players can place a wager on any bet, they must know the ins and outs of the sports betting genre. This means that players must follow a trainer, their history and the best runners. Players can start local, with getting information on annual horse racing tournaments (such as the Melbourne Cup) researching past winners and how the jockeys have done in other competitors.
  • Picking a Discipline: To start things off, players must choose a simple discipline in horse racing that is easy to follow and understand. There are different layers to the sport thus it helps to understand at least one discipline. Flats are the most common and a good place to start.
  • Start off with safe bets: Here are some of the types of horse racing bets you will likely come across at online horse race betting sites:
    • Win – betting on the final outcome of the result
    • Exacta: pegging two horses to come in at second and first place respectively
    • Show – betting on the horse coming in first, second or third place.
    • Quinella – predicting the two horses that are going to finish in first and second place. The order is inconsequential.
    • Trifecta: Happens to be the toughest bet to win, but also one of the most rewarding. Players have to predict the three horses which will come in at first, second, and third place.
    • Superfecta: Guess the fourth horse to the Trifecta combination and you have a Superfecta. It is very difficult to predict this sequence, but it pays out handsomely.

 Horse Racing Casinos Australia

Why Horse Racing is so Popular

Arguably the most popular sports betting genre in the world, horse racing has a cult-like following in Australia. A lot of gamblers enjoy the speed and the frequency at which the betting options come with horse racing. Top betting sites offer multiple horse race tournaments that are local and international. Some of the horse racing tournaments to look out for in Australia include the Victoria Derby, W S Cox Plate VRC Oaks and many others.

Horse gambling is also imbued with plenty of exclusive deals, attracting players on a regular basis. Moreover, it only takes a few seconds to select the winning horse and find yourself thousands of dollars richer. Players should note that the internet is filled with sites that advertise themselves as the best betting sites for horse racing. They should make sure that the site is licensed with a reputable gaming commission and that the site pays out in full and with a good payout speed. You can find top horse racing sites Australia that we’ve reviewed and given our stamp of approval on our casino reviews tab.