Tennis Betting Online Australia 2018

Tennis betting has put back the thrill into watching players serve the tennis ball back and forth, expecting the opponent to return the ball until it goes out. Australian online sportsbooks offer tennis wagers to sport enthusiasts, with punters placing bets on tennis tournaments held annually around the world. Read our in-depth online tennis betting guide, that features a list of recommended sites with the best tennis betting odds in Australia.

Best Tennis Betting Sites Online 2018

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How to Bet on Tennis Online

You might have been watching all major tennis tournaments (e.g. US, French Open, and Australian Open, etc.) and now you want to start betting. Our tennis betting review has all the types of bets and a guide explaining how Aussie punters can get started on betting on tennis at our recommended tennis betting websites. All sporting disciplines have their set of rules and guidelines that help organise the game, and tennis is no different. Ultimately, the objective of the tennis match is to serve (hit) the ball across the net to the other side and let it bounce once on the opponent’s side without being returned to win. See some of the types of bets you will find at top tennis betting websites in Australia.

  • Match Result is the most common bet you will find in a game of tennis, in which punters predict the winner of the overall match.
  • Multi Betting – punters combine several separate tennis match bets into one ticket. In order to win, punters must accurately predict the match-up results correctly.
  • Tournament Betting – This represents one of the highest paying bets. The bet refers to a situation where a punter predicts the winner of a Grand Slam tournament. This bet suggests that a specified tennis player will win all of their tennis matches in the tournament.
  • Live Betting – One of the most rewarding and popular bets, live betting involves watching a live match and betting on the outcome advertised by the online betting site. For example, a punter may wager that Roger Federer may win his next set against Novak Djokovic.
  • Bets on Set Scores – In the game of tennis, punters can bet on the score of the set and not the match result.

Tennis Betting Rules for Australians

Tennis matches are played on a tennis court, marked by white lines that represent where the field starts and ends. This is important because points are won and dropped based on the side in which the tennis ball lands on. We’ve compiled a few tennis rules for beginners to help players understand the game better and in turn, make more informed bets online.

The first rule of tennis is that the ball has to be thrown up and served across the net to bounce on the opponent’s side. If the opponent doesn’t return the ball, then the point goes to the tennis player that served the match. Tennis matches are commonly judged on who won the best out of three sets. Men’s tennis tournaments typically have more sets than Women’s tennis tournaments.

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Tennis Sport Glossary

Here are a few terms that you are likely to hear when you watch a game of tennis:

  • Ace: This refers to a service that hits the opponent’s side and is not returned back.
  • Love: A tennis scoring term for not having a point. It relates to a player having zero points.
  • Set: Tennis games are scored calculating the number of sets players win. A set refers to six tennis game that determines the overall winner of a tennis match.
  • Deuce: A tennis expression that defines a situation where both players have equal point (40-40).
  • Advantage: Following a deuce, the player that wins the following point is said to have an advantage.